Tina Dadouch  is a painter with a studio based in Toronto.She studied Psychology and Fine Arts at York University she continued her pursuit with focusing on design and art education at Parsons in New York.  - Dadouch has exhibited in Canada and the United States. 

 With beginning  to paint at an early age, Dadouch paints in a  variety of genres, figurative art works, still life. She also experiments with  abstraction, with her abstract works she transforms recognizable objects and form into abstraction by painting in repetition, this method of painting manipulates the object to an abstract patterns. She sometimes uses Fauvist colour schemes that are bright and bold to compliment the reductive rendering of her subjects. Dadouch is influenced by the movements and development of Modernism.Tina recently has devoted time in practicing directly from the model in  a group altier setting at the,"Famed, Art Students League ". were she takes her own foundation applies it from her background in study of the model. developed from hard work in her studio prior to entering these settings. Tina, was able to strengthen her lost drawings skills in a short time, wile practicing in such an environment, Although feeling her strong art design particularly accomplished painting background with a strong foundation played a major role in her speedy recovery, "wile you always have more to pursue  you defiantly draw things  from your environment as well". Tina  enjoys being around other artist and art environment  she always feels practicing directly from the model is an edge, that is essential to artist discipline. figurative painting style being her first interest she enjoys devoting time to practice,with continuing her pursuit on her expansion of figurative works.







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